Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet October - Finally You are Here.....

The first day of October - just about the sweetest day of the year for me besides my children's birthdays.  ;o)  I just love October and every year I look so forward to it and it goes by so very fast.  This is day 3 of my blogging Fall and I am so hoping it will make the season last just a little longer - that we can savor the days of Fall, rather than looking back and feeling like it passed us by.  The logo above is from one of my favorite blogs - The Inspired Room - and this challenge was her creation.  Such a wonderful idea!!  Follow her along - she has wonderful ideas for everyday, but even better for Fall!

Even better there are lots of other participants - you can find them by going to and click on their links.  So much fun - so much inspiration!!!!   I am in heaven and lovin this!!!

So - join us in this celebration of Fall and the holidays to come and make life just a little sweeter one day at a time....just by participating!!

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