Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog Toy Violence.....Really???

This is little Gingy and he came to live with us at Christmas.  He was a gift for Maddie and BJ.  Yes - those are brains now coming out of the side of his head.  His chipper smile is deceptive because he has taken quite the blow and left to his own resources, he will be stuffless or destuffed in short order.  In the spirit of full disclosure, he does have a squeaker inside his little chest and I am aware that is more than likely the cause of his demise. there nothing we can do about this dog toy violence that occurs during the night, unprovoked???  I have tried all sorts of little "friends" for my two chewers and even the toughest of tough cannot withstand their quest to commit murder ---- slow tortuous murder.  The poor little toys suffer the loss of body parts - normally the nose or an eye goes first but many times it is a single blow to the head as in this case.  Their toy basket is strewn with parts and pieces of their pets and when all else fails they use the lifeless carcuss for a rowdy game of tug of war.  Does the violence never end for these little souls??

I am on a quest to find a pet for my pets that will not succumb to their torture.  I know there must be a fabric that I can work with to make them a friend that they cannot and will not mercilessly murder.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, I welcome them.  No one around here is admitting to this particular attack but they know I know the truth.

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