Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking for Inspiration....

I don't know about you, but I am always looking online for inspiration and ideas for creativity.  One of my very favorite haunts is Allsorts.com!  This is her little winter Zoe and there are so many ideas and free templates tumbling out of her site that you can't possibly leave without some ideas in your head.  My Pinterest is just full of her pics.  Right now I am hoping to make something out of her Advent Calendar idea - so adorable.

Another sight I really love is the Better Homes and Gardens web site - they are packed with all sorts of food and sewing, crafting and more - many free patterns and beautiful pictures. 

Next in my daily inspiration trek is The Inspired Room - such a fun place to hang out and she gathers ideas from all over the online community and I just drool over the rooms there.  From there you can travel to hundreds of similarly creative sites through her links.  Get settled in with a warm drink and a comfy chair for this one.  I can browse these sites for hours until my fingers are numb!

As we make our way through the holidays, I am searching for inspiring sites and their ideas and I will keep you posted on my adventures here.....lots of free fun and I can feel my brain buzzing already!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Always Time for Thanksgiving.......

It is to nice to log onto Facebook now a days and find so many who are trying to count their blessings each day --- rather than dwelling on the problems we all face.  Not only it is it a blessing to those who are counting, it is so inspiring for those of us reading their posts. 

So, I felt compelled to note some of my own - some that I overlook on many days and shouldn't.  As always, the simple things in life that mean so much are the ones that we often overlook and take for granted - until we are without them.  Of course there are the big ones like my four wonderful boys and their mates, my wonderful hubby, our home which we fought so hard for and our fur babies who bring so much to our lives each and every day.  But - I have to take the time to remember the ones that we think of as expected --- but I now know, as do many others in this time we live in, nothing can be taken for granted because tomorrow could bring a very different life for any one of us.  So here goes.....

I am so very thankful for
  • good friends who really care
  • a warm clean bed to sleep in
  • heat when it's cold and air conditioning when it is hot
  • clean water to drink and bathe in
  • simple good food to eat
  • clean clothes and a place to wash and dry them at home
  • beautiful falling colorful leaves
  • something to do that keeps me busy- even if it is not what I once did
  • daily routines that keep me alert and thoughtful
  • internet access and my little computer
  • ways to express myself and be creative
  • kind doctors and nurses who really care
  • holidays to celebrate with friends and family
  • cool crisp fall days to enjoy
  • cold weather so that I enjoy the warm when it comes
  • blankets to snuggle under
  • fires in the fireplace on a cold evening
  • sweaters - I love my sweaters
  • comfortable shoes
  • HGTV and Food Network - Hallmark TV and Lifetime (heheh)
  • walks in the sunshine
  • visiting new places
  • rainy days
  • sunny days
  • occasionally getting out of the house
  • strong feelings --- love, happiness, joy, sadness, ......
  • forgiveness
  • and the list goes on and on......
While my list will be different than yours, we all have one and it is a good idea to keep it handy and add to it daily, weekly - it will make a huge difference in your perspective in life.  One day - it may keep you company on a rainy day when you need to remember.....