Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food and Fall......Go Hand in Hand....

Don't you just love it when you go to the store this time of year and they have already started putting those big center isle sections loaded with baking goods, party mixes and everything you need for the holidays!  I know they do that to draw us in and it sure works for me.  As my hubby would say - it is just heartwarming...heheh.  For those of us who dream of making bread, cookies, soups and stews and more this is a true delight.  I could just hang out there and dream of all of the concoctions I would love to put together.

Well for many years, I have purchased those supplies and for some reason or another, they sit in my cabinet until they expire and I am determined to get some of those things done this year.  I want to make bread - that is one of the first things on my Fall Bucket List!  It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated - it just has to smell good and taste good.  I am in search of a great recipe and I will let you know when I find one.  I know they are out there for those of us who are baking impaired but truly want to do this.  Really!

Another thing on my list is to make cookies - I used to bake quite a few and my guys love them so I will do my best to get this done so that when they are here there are cookies in the jar and not the bargain ones from the grocery store.

Making chili is one of our Fall staples and I don't want to miss that either.  I just love cooler weather because we can have lots of soups and stews - one of my favorite things to cook.  I have found the most wonderful inspiring cooking club - you must check it out.  It is free and so much fun - sort of like a FaceBook for cooking.....Just a Pinch.....  You can set up your own page and collect your recipes and sort and share them.  What a wonderful idea.  If you really like it you can upgrade and get a free apron and more for about $10 but that is optional.  Check it out - just another way to get Fall and the Holidays underway!

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