Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Excitement is in the Air!

Teenie Preemie Almost Ready!!
We are pretty excited around here today!!
Well Vicki Riley of sent me the picture of the prototype baby for the Teenie Preemie yesterday. You can see her here - she is just so adorable I can't believe it!!! She is our new poster child for Miss Myrtles Babies! My favorite thing is her little hand behind her ear. :) Vicki will be allowing us to sell this pattern on our site as well as donating some of the proceeds to our cause - the prematurity project!! Soon we will be adding some personal stories to the site about pre-mature babies and their families. One of the first will be my beautiful little Great Nephew Carson. He was born at 33 weeks after my Niece went through a very rough two weeks in the hospital trying to stall the labor. He is a beautiful little guy but she really went through a very scary couple of months. I can't wait to post his before and after pictures. He is one of the most beautiful babies I have seen and yes I am a little prejudiced!
Many of you know that I have 4 boys - two of them were difficult labors beginning at 24 & 26 weeks. We almost lost our 3rd Son during that ordeal and I did miscarry my 4th pregnancy. My fifth pregnancy was successful with my Son Philip - now 13 and healthy! He and Clay were born at 37 weeks miraculously after hospital stays, drugs, and so much more. My first two - Andy and Josh - were very normal pregnancies. Proof that you just never know. That is our goal - to help in research to find out what causes so many pre-mature labors and how to better stop them. Our State - South Carolina - is one of the worst in infant mortality rates and pre-mature births!! We hope to help work on that.
As I have droned on about in other blogs, articles, I worked in administrative stuff for the past 30+ years (now I am telling my age) and although this work does require some of those skills, I am so happy to be back to crafting and working for a cause. As many of you know, the past 3 years or so with my work have been very difficult and this year was very painful - sort of like a divorce with my contract. But........through pain and difficulty can come joy and that is what I have found. I just know that Miss Myrtle would be so happy to lend her name to this wonderful cause - if you knew her then you know that she was the most generous caring individual that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!! I hope to provide more information about her and what a wonderful person she was as we go along. Many of you may not know that she was my dear friend Ann Epting's Mother.
Watch as we grow and move on with this most wonderful cause. Help us help Babies!!!

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