Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ah--- Awsome Fall......

I know I have said it many times before but I just absolutely, head over heals, no holds bared LOVE Fall!!!  Only problem is it goes by way too quickly and gets all caught up in thinking ahead till Christmas and I look back and don't remember enjoying it the way I would love to.

So - I am taking the advice of one of my favorite bloggers, The Inspired Room, and challenging myself to write something about Fall everyday in the month of October - okay - so I am starting early but I am excited.

Another favorite thing in Fall is all of the beautiful art that is out there to help us get in the mood - the little guy to the left is a perfect example.  He just makes me happy and smile every time I look at him and he was created by one of my favorite artists - Primsy Doodle Designs.  She has the most wonderful whimsical designs for every event and season and I so love the colors.  There are several links for her sites scattered on the blog - check her out and you will be inspired.

When I see Fall art, and crafts, they inspire me to do - to act and get involved.  I hope  you are inspired to do the same and enjoy this absolutely wonderful season!!!  For those of us in the hot South - this is also a respite from the extremely hot weather we have over the Summer and the disappearance of the humidity.  Better hair days - long walks, great food and more......join me in challenging ourselves to live in the moment and enjoy this Fall.....

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