Friday, September 11, 2009

I Said Stop Procrastinating!!!

How many times do I tell myself this - every day, every week.......but then I procrastinate!

Little Tico sits on my desk and while he has a very sweet face and hair, his hands and feet are not done and he is not dressed! He wants to play football but with claws for hands, it is hard to say the least. He keeps whispering to me that he is not the only one! There are patterns all around me and dolls that are cut out, one that is dirty and needs to be cleaned and new clothes made, and etc, etc. and on and on. They all speak to me and know that their day may never come if I don't get back to working on them.

I tell Tico it is too warm for his cute new hat and booties and so he takes off the hat and says he still can't hold the football and round and round we go. I tell him I am outing myself by showing my friends his pictures and possibly that will motivate me to finish him up. My health issues do slow me down and make me forget but......I still need to get something finished!!! It is good for me, good for Tico, and most of all will be good for the babies we try to help through the March of Dimes.

It is so true what they say about doing for others - when you are so consumed with your own personal issues, whatever they may be, the best cure is to focus on doing something for others!! Right now it is saving my sanity in so many ways - Tico would agree! Hut - Let's play ball!

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